Venus 1

City Scapes

Bel’Vere: A successful floating plant colony with an abundance of natural plant wealth. Due to such successful bio-engineering several other colonies have mimicked the style of Bel’Vere.

Mondiliosp: Another centralized floating community of scientists that help to promote the bio-engineering of a slightly different approach




The Rocky Haven

Ocean-less, water-less, drop-less, Venus is a barren world with an inhospitable surface. Due to special terra-forming plans designed to help maintain the planet, floating cities were conjured to spark the flames of life. Venus is hostile in that it is primarily a desert world with no natural comforts to offer man. Even the essence of what the terra-forming projects were shooting for – habitation – has been compromised due to the nature of human contact to Venus Sickness.

The floating cities were a grand idea and spectacle for off worlders. Seeing the skies dotted with science-fictiony floating villas seems all too unreal, and to that unreality a new sickness spawned specifically for Venus citizens. The plants that were engineered to withstand and absorb Venus’ intense Carbon Dioxide atmosphere, but since it’s inception the Venus Sickness has taken to living. Causing blindness in younger adults there is no pharmaceutical cure for the sickness.

The floating plant factories that give off most of the breathable atmosphere occasionally fruit and spore out. These spores appear as white puff-balls that can float on the Venus air. As they fall from these floating plant cities they end up coating the surface where lots of citizens live their lives. A total of .01% of Venusians that wind up with the Venus Sickness become blind.

The only known cure is natural, a plant called Grey Ash. The only problem is that this plant is rare, endangered, and black market oriented. The cost of Grey Ash Plant seeds could make a man wealthy with just a few kernels. Due to the unmitigated restrictions on trading Grey-Ash it remains off the counter, causing the blind to wander through life.


Venusian Life

Life is just as consolidated and respectable on Venus as any other planet in the solar system. The system that helps govern Venus is differentiated for many reasons. Firstly, Venus spins backwards making the common day vastly different from any other planet in our Solar-System. The hands of time that govern Venus tend to have people rising at strange hours, and attempting work at even stranger hours.

Secondly, there is a vast amount of helium in the Venusian atmosphere giving people clown-like voices at times. Common day annoyances like these are correctable, but certain counter-measures must be employed. The pharmaceutical companies that work steadily to ensure Venusian safety work around the clock to perfect certain drugs that cure the bizarre effects of climate, atmosphere, and terrain on Venus.

A lot of business that circulates around Venus is based in the agriculture sector for many reasons. The plant life that harnesses breathability, the crops that grow food, and the idea that absolutely no water can be found on the surface make these priorities vastly important to the citizens of Venus. Without the scientific ingenuity of the economy at large on this planet there would be no effort to terraform it.



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