The Cloud Breaker II

Klorhn Kiso's Space Craft


The Cloud Breaker II is the second ship in Klorhn’s ship line. Purchased and customized in hard earned weapons trade wulongs. The ship is one hundred fifteen feet long with a massive Cargo hold at what would be considered the nose of the ship. The outside of the bay is shaped much like a Pelican’s mouth. The front bottom side opens into a small landing shaft for zip crafts to dock with the ship while it’s in motion. Opposite this on the bottom back side, is another hatch which sits a full deck below the belly of the main section. This is the launching bay for zip crafts thus they can also leave the ship in motion without risk of harming either vessel. However, Klorhn has already surmised that it may be possible to launch reverse from these bays under the right conditions, though he hasn’t run a full series of diagnostics or simulations. The top section of the Cargo bay has a fold open top with a mounted crane outside the hatch for cargo loading. Klorhn mounted the harpoon he acquired to the bow of the ship infront of the cargo bay doors, allowing the potential to harpoon an object and reel it to the ship to be retrieved by the cargo crane.

Beyond the cargo section the ship slenders out into a four deck mid section. What would be considered the main deck is actually the second one and is little more than a long shaft with access to an airlock, maintenance shafts, and the the crew quarters found on the deck below sub deck 1 if you will. This sub deck is only accessible through maintenance shafts and through the doors on deck 1. Containing three rooms for passenger transport in addition to a smuggling compartment that is on the sub deck but can only be accessed through the maintenance shafts. The compartment itself is more spacious then the shaft to access it there by only smaller cargo can be put inside, but the compartment itself is large enough to be considered a small vault. Easily fitting one to two people inside.

Above Deck one is where the ships crew majorily resides, finding the Mess and crew quarters here as well as all other ship board facilities. Sitting atop this section is the bridge, which is a relatively small room, as wide as the ship and about sixteen feet long. The captain’s chair (after some customization) sits in the center of the bridge with the main control panels built into the arms of the chair, and the pilot assembly in front. A secondary piloting station sits at the front of the bridge as well as weapons control. In total there are six seats on the bridge, not counting the captains, two of the six are set with maintenance terminals for ship status and command functions, and two more simply for seating.

Beyond the main section lies the two most critical components of the ship. On the main deck is the engine room, with a coded access door to prevent unwanted access and housing the ships thrust and propulsion systems. Above it and connected with a maintenance shaft lies the reactor, the ships life blood, housing the reactor itself as well as the distribution network which powers all the ships systems therein.

The armaments include Twin Cannons made for anti-fight combat positioned on the bell of the ship outside the Zip bay to cover Zip Craft in combat launches, as well as a main Rail Gun mounted atop the ship in front of the bridge, Klorhn also decided it would be a good idea to build a manual targeting device to be placed in the bridge window in case weapon targeting fails, he can manually aim the cannon by piloting the ship.

The Cloud Breaker II

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