Johnas Drift

Agent of I.S.S.P.


Basic Human, no cybermods, high-access inside I.S.S.P. Private Sector Investigations


Drift is an Inter Solar System Police friend built behind reliable information over time. Through Brolfs the two detectives have solved some of the most bizarre mysteries on Mars. Their first overture was when Brolfs was tipped by Drift 7 years ago about a poisoned spicy tuna sandwich on rye bread, pepper-jack cheese slightly melted. When Brolfs life was saved the two remained in contact due to the proximity and certain level of danger involved in their jobs.

Since the start Drift has given Brolfs id’s on subjects within the I.S.S.P. database in exchange for street knowledge and info concerning other criminal activity. With Brolfs freelance career as a Private Eye the two have managed to create a trustworthy camaraderie. Drift has been getting more involved with the scenes since many murders have dragged Brolfs around Mars.

Johnas Drift

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