Fat Pacino

Owner of Fat Pacino's in Tharsis


Basic Human NPC with bonuses in preparing food.


Where do you go when you get out of a hospital and want good food? Fat Pacino’s! Where do you go to order EVERY item on the menu when you know your gut needs busting? Fat Pacino’s! Where do you go to rack up 100K Wulong bills in one evening? Fat Pacino’s!

Fat Pacino’s is a gourmet Italian-style eatery in the heart of Tharsis, just down the road from the biggest hospital, planet-wide. Lots of people celebrating new life, or old, flock here after hospital visits so its no wonder Fat Pacino,, the owner, expends tremendous amounts of energy over-looking food preparation and cooking sites.

Some of his biggest customers are also the upper-scale gangs that run high-ends of the city. Fat Pacino’s is no police haven and its well known to be a fact. Rumor even has it that Fat Pacino’s weight staff is all armed in case of a robbery.

Fat Pacino

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