A Series of Unfortunate Encounters

The Stars My Destination

A Friday the 13th Game...

Starring Nathan Brolfs & Klorhn Kiso

The rain outside was slightly comforting from the inside of the Cloudbreaker. The time had come for Klorhn to think about an upgrade. Not just an upgrade, but a ship that could handle it’s weight while dishing out servings of pain on the side. Sitting on large sums on money now Kiso began to look into the net first for ship offerings. Tagging several different locations in the VR world he also put up posts in several forums offering to sell his hauler for a reasonable price.

After deciding to ride in the rain Klorhn donned equipment for the rainy day. While on the way out from his docking bay he spots his mailbox pinging with a green light. Checking the mail he receives notices from three companies looking to trade a reduced price ship for a more broken down vessel trade. The three companies that he finds to look in to are Eclipse Ships, Modesto Shipyards, and Freebie’s Junkers.

In the meantime Brolfs was busy trudging through the days artificial rain catching up with paper-work. Brolfs travels seem to take him all over Tharsis, investigating small things sometimes and constantly requiring his briefcase. Today however he was stuffing the case with sandwiches. In lieu of a possible long journey ahead. When he’d finally gotten the case closed he received a call from Johnas Drift. A murder had occurred. “Not normal looking,” was all Brolfs needed to hear to get on the trail. He headed out to meet up with Drift at the Donut Shop, giving Kiso an update and rendezvous.

After Kiso finished his ship research he took off to meet with Brolfs, who arrived via vespa loaded with six boxes of another companies donuts from down the street. The authority presence was everywhere, and so Brolfs openly gave out the donuts to whomever he saw. Mainly Drift, with his plastic covered ISSP hat. As Drift ate a donut the rain smacked his face, while his waterproof hat merely sat at the top of his crown. Another agent of local Tharsis police at Drift’s side was Luiso Molo, who also ate heartily at the behest of Mr. Brolfs. When Kiso arrived he noticed Brolfs donut boxes were laid out on car hoods and the floor around his vespa, and the rain sogged them nicely as he went inside to investigate.

The scene was a bloody mess. An unidentified man lay in the corner of his walk-in for the donut dough storage. The blood that had streamed from his gashed throat was now coldly coagulated all over the walls and floor. His through is missing from right below the jaw to where the trachea attaches to the spinal cord.

Brolfs stood at the door. The bloody mess was all frozen from exposure to the cycles of the walk-in. Several agents from different agencies stood about. None had gotten the call for donuts. Brolfs moved about investigating the crime scene. Drift walked along asking questions over his shoulder.

“It appears to be a bite. But only a ravished dog or something could do something like that.”

“Claw marks.”

“Here’s a hand print. Boots.”

Kiso stood at the door. An agent asked about his authority and he reactively told him about Brolfs. Molo told him about the donuts outside in the rain and the agent left to retrieve one. Several of the agents at the door are seen eating the donuts. Kiso waits patiently.

Brolfs sneaks a look into the man’s wallet. He records the address of the victim and gives Drift a wink. The pair leave the scene leaving a trail of bloody foot steps behind. Outside they discuss privately the victims address. Drift informs Brolfs to do an undercover sting to find info and continue from there. As Molo comes over to get in on the conversation Brolfs breaks and collects whats left of the donut leftovers. After securing the stash in on the vespa he, and Kiso make trails through the sopping wet to the house of murder victim #1 Royo Ishi.

They park their cycles in the rain. The droplets had been coming down unusually long today, possibly due to some atmospheric dysfunction. The men continued inside to the address of Mr. Ishi. Upon making contact at the victims apartment a listen check revealed nothing inside. Checking the door they find it locked, but a quick leg from Kiso and it kicked in. The rooms were smoky and unclean, a small cat was found purring in a corner. Brolfs put the cat into his briefcase; he then investigated quickly and found an address booklet filled with personal data. Some of the names were highlighted throughout the booklet. Brolfs continued to deduce from the names that they were interconnected, possibly inclusive to a tight knit gang. Possibly the people who could tell Brolfs why their friend got murdered working one of the most renowned donut shops on Mars.

Going down the list Brolfs identified a name in the booklet. It was alphabetized by last name so Josuke Akinawa was up. There was an address and a number. As Kiso stood guard at the door and shooed off a random Brolfs relayed to Drift. Drift was curious to know more and told Brolfs to do what ever was necessary to solve the case. Brolfs and Kiso left the murder victim #1s house in search of Josuke’s flat. Between the trips Brolfs couldn’t resist stopping at a top notch sandwich shop to fill his briefcase with thickly proportioned sandwiches. He was able to fit four into his briefcase, along with the cat.

Upon arriving at the location for Josuke’s residence they notice several high priced racing vehicles parked outside of the home. At the door they don’t knock. Instead Brolfs takes out two sandwiches. One he eats. The other he uses as a silencer for his pistol. Aiming at the doorknob Kiso prepares a kick while Nathan blasts off the handle. With little more than a pop the knob blows off, and Kiso’s kick smashes through to reveal two gangsters doing lines of powder off a table in the center of the room. One shouts, “It’s a bust!” And they go for weapons. Kiso and Brolfs each shoot a different target eliminating the threats before they get hurt. Brolfs moves into the room, brows furled in failure.

Kiso alerts him that they can’t stay long, and that cops will be investigating soon. Taking a quick moment to look the men over Brolfs finds a dark dragon tattoo proudly displayed on the left sides of both their throats. In dismal regret over the situation Brolfs and Kiso take off. As Brolfs goes for a short reprieve Kiso wanders the streets ship searching. He decides to go to Eclipse Ships first. Upon arrival he is greeted by a very fancy hostess of the business who informs him of the new modern ships available in an electronic guide. Pointing to a viewport she waits for Kiso to tell her that he wants to walk the premises.

She gets him a consort that is knowledgable. After a five minute chat where Kiso finds that all the ships are well over 15 million Wulongs a piece, and none outfitted with an arsenal he decides to head to the next shop. At Modesto Shipyards he finds that the owners are mainly dealers in flashy and modest zip crafts, of which Klorhn is not yet interested in. He’s got to get a large ship that can break out of at least a 2G atmo or be damned and his current ship was no option as the thrusters were badly damaged more than a year ago in the explosion. The price of the engine could be repaired at this point, but Kiso is deadset on replacing his family relic with a new machine. Marking Modesto on his checklist he leaves for the last option, Freebie’s Junkers.

Meanwhile Brolfs follows up on the next name on the list. This time he’ll go solo after the suspect: Che Lefong, who operates a video game establishment in the slums of south Tharsis. After sneaking around a bit Brolfs waits outside seeing as the suspect is perfectly alright behind the desk. Going to hide in the shadows Brolfs disappears from sight. Twenty or so minutes pass before a strange hooded figure apparoches the scene. Brolfs fails to see its face. The person steps inside and looks around, then at a picture in it’s hand. It begins to approach the suspect and when Brolfs realizes the suspect is frozen in fear at the approach of the person. Nathan leaps inside to hurl two grenades at its feet. The explosion is tremendous. 5 people die instantly and the walls of glass explode out. Brolfs is hurled out the front doors where he skids off the pavement. Looking up he notices the stranger on the outskirts of the blast area. It stands and runs off into the dark – leaving Brolfs amazed.

Upon arrival to Freebie’s Junkers Kiso takes notice from beyond the zones large walls that there are definitely good sized ships that are armed. The selection looked so vast that almost every type of ship was available. At the front he was offered a liaison to the premises. When he walked in to view the yards a younger chinese gentleman greeted him. Klorhn noticed the mechanic was decked in tattoos. A large dragon printed on his throat. The liaison moved Klorhn around for a bit until they reached a sturdy one that Klorhn let a connection with. Asking to go in, the mechanic opened the doors and walked ahead in the dark.

Kiso was slightly off kilter in the dark and lost his way at first. Hearing a tearing noise he travels in the direction of what he believes the deck. Coming up to the room he sees a soft glow from the light coming through the hull windows. A hunched figure is barely seen in the dark. Kiso moves forward more and hears the tearing of flesh. He draws his pistols as the monster rears its head, the throat of the young man in its dog faced mouth – gulping.

Kiso was unprepared for that. He attempted to blast the beast as it lunged into the air at him. Definitely hitting the thing but to no avail, Kiso was knocked into his back. The beast-man had its grips around Klorhn’s wrists and he was helplessly pinned. The dog faced, bloody-muzzled man sniffed up and down the head and throat of Kiso before bolting off to the door. Giving chase Kiso was able to get another shot off from the floor as it scaled the wall and hopped the gigantic structure with ease.

Dumbstruck Kiso reported immediately to the owner of Freebie’s demanding a discount for traumatic circumstances. After calming Kiso left for his ship again to rest. When he’d felt better he gave Brolfs a call to inform him go the latest event of the day. Brolfs instigated an investigation into the new murder, and asked Kiso to meet him at the new ship. As Kiso was leaving the hangar this time a familiar man at the bay doors, where messages were left, was typing something into Kiso’s mailbox. WHen Kiso demanded followed up the man merely assured him that it was another invitation from a ship leaser who was interested in Kiso’s ship. Not thinking much of it Kiso ignored the stranger and hauled ass to meet up with Brolfs.

At Freebie’s the press had gathered to report the grizzly crime wave that had suddenly swept over the city. News that a murder in a ship at Freebie’s was a rumor spreading like the wind. When Kiso arrived he instructed Brolfs to the cockpit where Brolfs found that the target here matched the gang members seen at the first scene and at Josuke’s house. Brolfs scratched the name off the list: Domo Dossks. Going through the reserve names that he knew he’d researched earlier there was only a few left. The next on the list was Donny Opspo, a low-level ganger who made legal money working a corner joint selling snacks and gas. Brolfs called up Drift to inform him of the scene, and requested Drift to meet him at the shipyard.

While waiting Kiso decides to confront the news agencies outside – for a price. Dropping tidbits of info several journalists and high-ranking syndicated columnists began to take notes, as a few camera men began to roll their takes. Kiso informed them that for 10k Wulong he would give them a guided tour of his new ship, where the man was murdered. Only one reporter gave in, but refused pay up front. Kiso took them to the outside of the ship where he gave them background on his experience earlier with the dog-man. After failing to deliver a good story to the reporters several decide to go and talk to the owners of Freebie’s.

After Drift arrives Brolfs gets together with Kiso and him. They talk about the murder conspiracy and how street gangers from the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate were being targeted by this monster for some reason. Brolfs brought up the next suspect and Drift thought it would be a good idea to go and see if the man needed any help, seeing as how all his friends were going out like candles, and all in a night.

Meeting up at a Super Taco eatery across from Opspo’s place of employment they ate and chatted. Drift called in Molo, even to Brolfs disgust. After Molo arrived the four discussed in detail about the plan to happen. As it was the suspect was working a normal shift right now with 0 interruptions. Within the dialogue of the conversation to help the suspect Molo becomes disgusted by Brolfs and leaves the scene – not to return in this episode. Once Molo leaves the group passes a spot and sees a hooded figure walking to the front doors of Opspo’s establishment. Brolfs gives the word and the three hop the small fence protecting the Super Taco patio and break for Opspo’s. Kiso flanks around the back of the building while Brolfs and Drift go straight in.

The figure seemingly not hellbent on attacking right away dodged own an aisle as Brolfs ran to chase after it. Drift remained at the door counting 3 bystanders plus the suspect, plus the killer inside. As Kiso kicked the back in Brolfs made contact with the dog-faced man. It was a hideous mutant chimaera. Brolfs and Kiso drew on the killer, but it made en effortless jump to clear the aisles and appear at the front windows, where Drift began to put well intentioned slugs into it.

The night came alive with gunfire and screaming. Drift missed all three rounds he had fired. As Brolfs finally caught up he unloaded his Mac10’s into the monster which still didn’t fell it. Horrified Donny Opspo bolts for the outside and runs off into the dark. RIght before Brolfs can take his next action the beast-man is upon him. It tosses Brolfs out the front window at Drift, but misses. Brolfs rolls into the parking lot as Drift takes aim. From the backside Kiso opens fire and drops the beast to the floor with the help of Drift’s combined fire from the front.

To make sure its dead Kiso walks up to it and puts two slugs through its forehead. Drift calls in ISSP forces to clean up the sight and quarantine the body ASAP. Brolfs gets a ride to the hospital for a weeks worth of injuries. Between Brolfs getting out Kiso returns to the Cloudbreaker that same night. Upon opening his bay doors the whole ship erupts into a giant fire-ball. It doesn’t take much for Kiso to deduce the planter. That night Brolfs sees Kiso on the news inside the hospital room, with a couple of nurses handfeeding him jell-o.

Before Brolfs is released Kiso goes to Freebie’s and puts the full payment down on the Cloudbreaker II, its new name. WHen Brolfs does leave the hospital he makes his standard visit to Fat Pacino’s and meets up with Kiso at his ship. Kiso has also been tasked with taking on a couple of passengers. Kensuke gets off time from his job and wants to hang out on the new ship, and Kiso also hires an extra hand to help around, named Jace Baleron. Once the crew is prepped and Kiso has established they are going to Venus everyone gets excited.

That is until they reach the outbound dock off Mars to Venus and discover they are being followed. Two ships fall into line right after them in a very awkward shadowing maneuver. One of the ships goes unidentified on Kiso’s scanners. The other ship belongs to one Reynold’s Hauling. The old rival business of the family. The screen draws to curtains as The Cloudbreaker II enters the yellowy static of the opening rift of the phase gate.




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