A Series of Unfortunate Encounters

The Goods

Ninjas and Pistols

Starring: Klorhn Kiso, Nathan Brolfs & Surprise Guests

After harassing Big Willy’s business and co-murdering it’s owner Kiso fled the establishment for the time being. Upon returning to find salvageable equipment to unlock Intra-atmosphere flight on his carrier he finds that most of Big Willy’s supplies are shattered and useless. Coming down to the back dock to examine more thoroughly he is halted at the second floor expanse, looking down into the repair bay. A laptop computer is propped up on a small gun crate in the center of the room.

Kiso comes to realize that someone is haunting this place and he has entered at an opportune moment. After waiting a brief moment Kiso is ambushed, men armed with swords and smoke bombs like ninjas attack him. Dispatching one ninja at the upper level allows him a brief moment to catch his wind. Crouched by the stairs Kiso hears a grappling hook catch on the scaffolding behind him!

Through a short-lived brawl the hero is able to wrap up the fight and send the ninja fleeing through a smoke bomb. However, right before the ninja escapes he/shes able to detonate the small laptop via an installed self-destruct system, leaving the gun case in the fray. After Klorhn leaves and is a safe distance away he manages to unlock the case and find a brace of pistols: a heavily modified Jericho, and two stock options of the same pistol all neatly arranged with ammo in a nice felt bed.

After the incident at Big Willy’s Klorhn fled into the wastelands of Tharsis. With the case of weapons secure Kiso could start searching for a way to pawn the weapons to a high-roller. A note on the inside of the gun box is the only idea Klorhn had of selling the weapons to someone who needs them. The note read “General, This is the only signal you get. You have the Worm. Thank You, Marty.”

Not knowing where to look he searched databases in unprotected sectors for open-source documents on Mars military forces, and specifically it’s Generals. Cross-tracking files was difficult but Klorhn was able to discern what he needed from breaking local headlines and public access information. The Generals were scattered across Mars and accessing them was going to be even more difficult.

Lost in thought Klorhn wanders the sprawls and streets hoping for clues, when clues come to find him. Not long after failing a walk-in to a military base in the Ice Sector he decides to put out a public byte in a free-trade forum on the net. The pick-up comes within an hour as several calls begin to pop off his comm.

He is contacted by what he believes to be 7 individuals all with different offers and meeting places. When he finally agrees to a meeting place the setup is rigged and he’s being watched by more eyes than he’s aware of. Nathan Brolfs aids the man as he wanders through the wasteland. Brolfs appears from nowhere on a vespa claiming to be on a case of increasingly paranoid Martian interest.

Not sure about his bearing Kiso takes Brolfs to the nearest meeting point in Gorro. There at the meeting point he is met with a large man who offers a significant deal in Wulongs in exchange for the weapons. Kiso takes the offer, happy to be rid of the guns.

On his way back to the city limits of Tharsis Kiso witnesses the flying vehicle the man came in fly overhead. In hot pursuit is another corvette style flying vehicle flaring machine guns into the first vehicles flank. Ripping it out of the air the ship’s smoke cuts a grim picture through the setting sky.

While looking for new equipment and job offerings Klorhn is offered a shipping detail from a group of shady strangers running a pawn shop on Tharsis. The gentlemen are hiding full body tattoos under long sleeve shirts and pants. When Kiso returns to his ship he finds a group of White Tiger Gang members ready to load a shipment of unmarked crates onto the Cloudbreaker.




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