A Series of Unfortunate Encounters

Mystery Smuggle

Starring Nathan Brolfs & Klorhn Kiso

The drop seemed like everything was happening smoothly. Brolfs accompanied Kiso inside after meeting Karl Kopinski, a veteran who gave off the vibe that this mission was going to go hot. After loading the crate-cache of tons of weapons onto Kiso’s Cloudbreaker they left Tharsis for New Zebdeka, plus six gang members aboard.

Flight through the clouds is always epic as the Cloudbreaker is properly named. On the bridge Kiso pilots, Brolfs watches over his shoulder as he greases his MAC10s, and Karl makes them aware of the problem in New Zebdeka. That the city is in turmoil, the people are starving, and an uprising on a mob level like no other is inevitable.

When the Cloudbreaker comes into the New Zebdeka fly zone the city’s dock, owned by private investors, grants access to the singular ship. All around the dock is a small crowd dispersed and concentrated, like a wave of humans raising fists and hurling rocks. Karl negotiates with the team and tells them that leaving the port would be difficult in itself, but that a truck was going to help them transfer the load to a secret location and that the truck was on the way. As Brolfs investigates around the landing pad he takes note at the lack of landed ships here, Kiso’s is the only one.

A short time after a large truck pulls up. One man gets out and elects to stay behind to watch the ship, since he was going back to Tharsis anyway. With no objections the other gang members scramble to move the goods. After deciding the driving arrangement the gang members all jump into the truck, while Kiso takes his bike, and Brolfs his vespa.

When they are able to get the public gate opened the crowd outside is so thick that driving through it would be suicide. Taking the initiative Nathan pulls forward and sprays his MAC10s into the crowd ahead, felling 19 people. With the gunfire ringing off like popcorn the crowd ahead parts like magic. The trio of vehicles makes it out safely into the desert regions of the rundown crater-city. Their search ends at a huge metal building that appears to be storing an unknown tonnage of small-firearms.

The group that meets them at the building appears to be of strife undercover New Zebdeka civilians, come here to see a deal closed. All are armed and remain in a tight crowd as Karl advises the guerrilla-civies of what they’ve just been delivered. As Karl liaisons them across the gun-halls while the gang unloads Brolfs has decided to take to hiding in the armor room, in case of a backstabbing. The remaining White Tiger constituents take up watching places at perimeter points: the door, the second floor, around the room. Kiso watches the door with another White Tiger. His sense of hearing is the only one that catches a light hum on the air like a fan blowing air, but the sound effect dissipates quickly and only he seems to take notice.

With the deal secure and the civies satisfied the payment goes down. Karl asks Kiso if he wants his cut now and Kiso takes it right then. A minute later Kiso passes a spot check that allows him to glance up at a specific time to see what appears to be people sneaking in through a hole in the roof. As Kiso attempts to point out the problem and shoot at it. Upon missing a tumbling fountain of grenades rains from the ceiling to everyones feet. Explosions rock the building and devastate the floor. Many crates are now shattered, rows have fallen to pieces on one another, and the people are panicking now as cyborg soldiers paraglide from the ceilings to attack the people on the floor.

With blades slicing out from fore-arms and heavy magnum fire ringing out running is all Brolfs and Kiso can do to stay alive. They decide to flee for their bikes just on the outside. Brolfs is deeper into the compound but manages to avoid harm or meeting an enemy until he reaches the door, where a borg is relentlessly hacking down civies and bullets are pinging off his armor. Kiso at the door has been watching a small host of Cyborgs land within the confines of Karl’s vicinity across the room. As badass as Karl and his outfit of mercenaries was they seem to be getting slaughtered by this new unknown nemesis. With people fleeing towards the door Kiso covers most of them with random fire across the room.

The Borg that lands at the door manages to kill a few people including some White Tigers when Brolfs turns the corner duel-wielding his handy MAC10s. As Brolfs fully unloads on the enemy in front of him armor the borg’s begins to pop off and splintered chunks of metal scatter across the room. A Tiger behind the Borg shreds into the baddy as well and the combined fire of the two manage to kill the evil villain with nothing more to say but smoking barrels and blinks of “Holy Shit.”

After the door borg goes down Kiso runs outside and grabs his bike, over his shoulder he sees a hovering Ausprey of sorts, long cable-link tentacles were connected it to the roof-top, and a large orange tiger-paw print was stamped on the side. The White Tiger driver of the truck outside that had pulled the crates was uncertain as to what action to take. After a quick negotiation with Kiso he concludes that he would die here tonight. As the last White Tiger grabbed his gun to get inside Brolfs made his exit. Together on their bikes hey rode back to the space port of New Zebdeka leaving the chaos behind.

When they returned the crowd at the port was larger than ever. They decided to snoop about to discover any other way in when Brolfs passes a spot check. A witness he has been looking for throughout his endeavors is in the crowd. Brandy Bods is wandering with the homeless mob that haunts the spaceport, hoping for a free handout. Then Brolfs goes to question her she is hesitant and refuses to acknowledge him. After Kiso passes a ‘friend’ check between them she is more able to answer the questions. Brolfs is able to obtain knowledge from Bods of a secret lab that Petunia kept on Tharsis, in a cave below the city. After getting as exact a coordinate as possible they were able to flag down the door men who recognized them as the crew of the ship that landed earlier. The port agrees to let Brolfs and Kiso in.

There at the Cloudbreaker they meet up with Kensuke Okabayashi lazing about outside of the ship, the first White Tiger who originally dropped off the truck. After explaining that his terms of service for this city were done and that he wanted to return to Tharsis Kiso decides to take him back with them. Back home Kensuke leaves and Kiso pays Brolfs for his services then sets aside a large amount of money for a future ship that can breach the atmosphere.




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