A Series of Unfortunate Encounters

Hunting Lease

Norful and Kiso team up

Starring: Norful Drubb, Klorhn Kiso, Big WIlly

Indentured servitude was never Klorhn’s style and he fully intended to get out of his contract with as many benefits as possible. Big Willy had never been kind to him since he crashed his ship into the dock and since then Kiso has been the lackey for every accident around. That accident has lost him some major contracts, cost millions in wulongs for repairs, and set his schedule for work back by weeks.

Norful Drubb is a Green Scorpion seeking asylum from the fringe killers of Tharsis, enabling him to produce strange results with local security force tactics, and wreak havoc across the net. Seemingly traceless the old gangster slinks from shadow to shadow, playing the environment by ear. Although the attention he’s called to himself as of late has left him in no safer position on the streets.

With thoughtfully cleaned tracks Norful made good with a local pilot that claimed he could help shuttle Drubb around. The pilot was none other than Klorhn Kiso, who’s ship was still under considerable altercations as it lacked the ability to breach atmo. Knowing this Norful Drubb pays with what he can for rides across the face of Mars, stopping in random cities and what for odd jobs here and there.

The pair were under way to make a huge deal by breaking into Big Willy’s to obtain ship parts and leave the face of Mars for good. During the process of infiltrating they the are cornered by WIlly and some of his thugs. Kiso, ardent to escape makes for his ship while Drubb tosses a killer grenade at the group and manages to kill big Willy. The group make it out with no supplies to repair the ship, but they’ve left Willy’s lair silent with death.

Stalling the Cloudbreaker on an empty lot in Tharsis Kiso leaves the ship in search of medical supplies and food. Left on the ship alone to tend to himself Drubb leaves the backdoor hatch unhindered. While in the cockpit area he walks the corridor to the back of the ship. He is surprised to find a few Red Dragon street thugs knocking on the back of the ship.

In defense it attempts to shoo them away with gunfire and books it for the cockpits control systems. Too late to close the hatch he finds himself quickly surrounded by the thugs, even the one that was morally crippled from the first attack. The gangsters decide to execute Drubb, and gun him down over he main control board. Their leader finishes him with a slug to the head.

As Kiso returns to his ship he passes three men in dire need of medical attention, but presses on to the ship to catch rest and eat food. Upon finding Drubb in the cockpit he tosses the body out, cleans up the mess and then scorches the ground as he takes off to the next destination with dark red dust clouds across the sky-scape.



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