A Series of Unfortunate Encounters

Badger Bearings

On the case with Nathan Brolfs

Starring: Nathan Brolfs, Klorhn Kiso

After the trip to New Zebdeka the duo returns to Tharsis. Kensuke departs after a short farewell and the investigator and the young-blood are far richer than they have ever been in their lives. To celebrate Nathan takes Klorhn to Fat Pacino’s, a famous italian eatery in Tharsis. While Kiso consumes a square meal off the menu, Brolfs orders one of everything. A Fortitude check helps maintain Nathan’s posture.

After the meal the two leave and return to business as usual in the city. Brolfs meanders about searching for prospects while Klorhn tends to his ship. Not much occurs until Brolfs realizes that he now possesses coordinates to Petunia’s secret lab. Calling up Kiso for aid, the two set off in search of the place.

Landing somewhere in the north side of Central Tharsis’ outskirts, the two hike into town and try to unravel the mystery. According to Bods’ testimony the hideout was underground, near a lair. Also the hideout was supposedly near a crossroads at a junction with some tram-tracks. After doing wide searches of the area and coming up dry they extend their perimeters farther and farther, well beyond sight range of each other. Soon they are communicating via radio contact only.

After a long while of searching Kiso discovers a cave on the edge of the city’s connection between man-made roads and Martian dirt. Calling Brolfs for aid they decide to enter the tunnel and descend its parameters going deeper under the Martian surface.

Passing some tracks on the floor near a light post deep underground, Brolfs decides to cast the foot. Taking their time they slowly move down the corridor. After a very good spot Kiso and Brolfs find a false wall, and a simple opening mechanism that allows them access to a corridor on the other side of the rock surface, going left and right. With little light the two move forward into a dark hallway, and as they enter motion sensors trip for the lights to come on illuminating everything.

They appear to be in some sort of lab for animals. No creatures or people are present. The corridors go in a square, and lining the walls are cages behind myo-plastic walls for viewing and safety. With the whole lab empty Kiso and Brolfs begin to search around for a deeper mystery. Brolfs manages to investigate into some of the habitats and retrieves several hair samples of different variety. Kiso turns up nothing but trashed documents that make little sense.

With the two engaged at different parts of the lab they both hear the door reopen at the front. Ducking for cover they jump for hiding spots in the habitats. Brolfs waits in the badger lair with his Mac10s readied and suddenly comes face to face with a gigantic cyborg who turn the corner to face him. Winning the initiative he sprays the borg with every bullet in his submachine guns. The robot falls back against the wall, bleeding out of several holes with armor chunks falling to bits.

As Brolfs reloads a grenade falls at his feet from outside. Passing a reflex save grants him minor damage as he jumps out of the way. Meanwhile Kiso decides to act and moves out of his hiding to find no one on his side of the lab. Sneaking around grants the enemies another action as they are attending Brolfs. In hiding Brolfs decides to poke out to take a shot. A borg outside meets his eye and Brolfs manages to blast the borg with a good burst. Jumping back into the hole for hiding he is met with another tumbling grenade to his feet. This time he fails to prevent any damage and the concussion knocks him down to -2.

Kiso finally gets a round of action as he flanks the enemy and turns the corner to find two more soldiers with assault rifles aimed at Brolfs hole. One is obviously a borg, but the other man looks to be some sort of commando with less cybernetics. Taking aim at the full borgs back Kiso takes a shot and blasts the borg down. Returning fire behind them fails. Kiso fells the full borg, and the commando plays hide and seek with them now as he jumps for hiding into a habitat. Suddenly the door to the entrance opens again. Kiso, who’s right next to the door jumps into a tight hole at foot-knee level.

Several voices are now heard. Brolfs fails to achieve consciousness. Kiso hears several younger men bickering at the door in chinese. As the chatter fades footsteps get louder. The Commando takes a hallway shot and gunfire rings off the walls, blowing lights and ceiling out. No return fire but two pairs of legs pass Kiso’s window. Kiso reaches out and unloads a full clip into them, killing them both. As he reloads in the dark the Commando passes out of the room with a high stealth roll.

Kiso takes notices of the door reopening and as he goes to inspect outside the door he sees the Commando already far down the tunnel. Returning in he quickly flanks another group of young men that look like street gangsters, and all bearing RDS tattoos on their necks. WHilst happening the whole group hears cybernetics crunching. Kiso rock’and’rolls the group from behind disabling all but their leader. The leader of the RDS gang jumps into a habitat now and Kiso runs past it to get to Brolfs. Dragging Brolfs out he spots the gangster jump out of a hole to exchange fire, missing them. Turning to witness the corridor on the exit Kiso sees one of the borgs is missing.

Brolfs is heavy, but he manages to get him to the door. There Kiso takes heavy damage from uzi fire but manages to kill the gangster in the end. Brolfs regains consciousness after Kiso passes a first aid check using the dead borgs first-aid kit. Reaching the exit they drive back to the Cloudbreaker and make for a hospital. After hefty leverages and a long wait to heal they are returned to their ship within a week. Brolfs sends the evidence he found to private labs and to Johnas Drift, his I.S.S.P. contact. Kiso is thankful to be alive. To celebrate life the two decide to dine at Fat Pacino’s, and Brolfs manages to make a lot of food disappear again.




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