A Series of Unfortunate Encounters

Backward Equals Forward

Enter Klorhn Kiso

Starring: Klorhn Kiso

Original Script:

The year is 2069. You are an athlete at your local high school in rural western Mars. Your specialty is javelin-throwing for which you have won numerous medals. Working on the side you help your father with his single-ship shipping business, Mormont Hauling. Your father has been hauling for almost twenty years and has put all but one local service out of business in the crater-town in which you reside. Recently business has been getting riskier with new opposition, Reynolds Hauling, since they have purchased a new hauler. Since its launch it has already suffered the misfortune of a gate docking accident, for which Reynolds naturally blames Mormont for not moving fast enough through checking to get to the ticket gate. Two days prior to the incident Reynolds Hauling signed off on a shipment from Chaddy Chang’s which they could now no longer deliver, the Changs instead went with Mormont Hauling since the shipment was already weeks late. Now over dinner just last night your father was being questioned by your mother over why Chaddy Chang’s suddenly went out of business. Chaddy Chang’s house is down the street from you, the next landing actually, but several blocks away. You know the Changs through their son, a fellow javelin thrower that you’ll be graduating with come end of term.

The day starts like any other. With the Martian sunrise.

Reminded by the disturbance over the previous nights dinner, and alert at the thought that Chang Jr wasn’t at school Klorhn decides to visit their house on foot. With a quick inspection it appears that the house is simply abandoned, with most of the personal belongings left behind. No forced entry or anything gives anything peculiar away.

The sun set was beautiful that night, Kiso was lost in it’s radiance on the walk home. So much so it took him twice as long as usual. By the time Klorhn reached home he realized it was already shortly past dinner time. As always he took the shortcut through the junkyard, exiting just across the back field to his house. He saw his father was back on time, his transport docked on the pad in the back yard. Klorhn noticed just past the front side of the house the edge of a foreign car. One he had never even seen around their relatively small town. His gut twisted, instinct took over he stopped next to the maintenance shed and grabbed a wrench then snuck quietly to the back door. He listened carefully and even as he leaned closer to the door it suddenly opened, nearly catching Kiso’s face. A man in a suit exited his house carrying a briefcase towards his father’s ship. SWISH is all that was heard as Klorhn’s wrench completely missed the suited man. It was all he could do to keep from falling over. Rather than pursuing the man with the case, he decided to check on his family. Stealthily he crept through the back door. His family was seated at the dinner table, a man with a cigar in one hand, and a pistol in the other pacing at one the end of the table close to Klorhn. With little thought he rushed out and swung at the armed man, knocking the pistol from his hand. He bore a look of shock as he turned to face Klorhn, anger burning in his eyes.

Klorhn’s own expression was surely one of terror, mixed with regret as he saw the two men that had been hidden from his vision around the corner. In a state of shock he couldn’t even hear the man’s words, but seeing his lips was more than enough… “Shoot them” Armed only with a wrench the survival instincts took over, Klorhn dove back the way he’d come, barreling through the man returning through the back door leaving him confused on his ass in the dirt. Klorhn counted the shots, he wasn’t sure why, one. Two. Three. A tear flew into the night breeze as Klorhn flew with all haste into the junkyard. His heart skipped a beat as he crossed the whole in the fence to the junkyard when two bullets ricocheted off the metal plated fence.

Once inside he immediately retrieved the explosives he had been working on earlier, and laid a trap. He hid waiting, heart racing, thumb twitching over the detonator in his hand. He heard footsteps, they were coming from the direction of his trap. Only a minute until they’d be in place. When suddenly he heard a piece of scrap rattle from the other direction. Suddenly he realized only one of them was in place. The second rounded on his hiding spot, but didn’t notice Klorhn in the shadowy crevice. Without hesitating Klorhn lept from his hiding spot, smashing the head of the suited man. He retrieved the gun from the man and immediately started sprinting back towards his home. A few feet away his thumb came down on the detonator. He heard only a brief shriek before the explosion drowned everything out.

He crept around to the front of the house the car out front was gone, staying quiet and hidden he went inside the house, finding a scene of every child’s nightmares. His entire family dead in the dining room. His father had obviously risen from his seat just before the shot, as his body had tumbled backwards and knocked over the chair. His mother was face down on bloody clasped praying hands. His dear sister, curled into the fetal position in the floor with a single bloody hole in her temple. From there it all hazed together, he simply exited the house pistol in hand, and boarded his fathers ship, so dazed he didn’t even notice the briefcase just inside the ajar engine room door. He prepped for launch and was in the air with no trouble or recollection, he was literally on auto pilot at this point, no clue where he was going, just going. Then came the shudder, and the sound of tearing metal. Klorhn, behind the controls of the ship has no idea what just happened to the ship. All the readings were perfectly fine and the getaway looked clear, but then the engines all went to red and now the sky is the ground. Believing this to be his last mortal moment he braces for impact. The ship gained enough altitude and momentum and distance, that it pinned the ship right in the center of Tharsis, Mars’ Capitol City. The hauler was now neatly dented into the side of one of the most famous ship dealers on Tharsis, Big Willy…



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