A Series of Unfortunate Encounters

A Mars Connection

Starring Klorhn Kiso & Nathan Brolfs

After spending over a week inside Tharsis hospital both characters come out with nothing more than bruises and scratches. In accordance with ritual the two celebrate life by dining at Fat Pacino’s Italian Eatery. As always Brolfs is never shy with the menu. He even goes so far as to stuff leftovers into his briefcase.

The two return to the comforts of the Cloudbreaker. Jobless now they scrounge for things to do. This takes Brolfs off to investigate material he has on the Petunia case, while Kiso looks into ship buying and selling. It doesn’t take Kiso long to dream up work to do, and he soon finds himself down in the South Tharsis slums at the WTS pawn shop. This time he is welcomed in, and an older gentleman in the back does most of the talking as a few customers peruse the aisles.

Talking the old man into another trade: transport smuggled guns for money – Kiso is told he will be met at his ship by the crew taking in the order, once again to New Zebdeka. As Kiso returns home he informs Brolfs and has him meet at the Cloudbreaker. An hour in and the Cloudbreaker is pinged by Kensuke’s transmitter to inform them the goods have arrived. Cocking their loaded weapons Kiso and Brolfs prepare to meet the WTS gangers outside. When the dock lowers there are nine WTS members and a truck loaded with guns. Kensuke is there and informs them that the situation in New Zebdeka has only gotten worse since last time, and that they will be meeting new contacts there that will transport the goods from the space dock.

Agreeing to it all Kiso watches as Kensuke clicks his fingers and the gangers start to load into the Cloudbreaker. Brolfs dusts his Mac10’s as he looks around for suspicious activity. Eventually they are loaded and Kiso commands the Cloudbreaker to cut into the sky. The trip was peaceful up until the point where New Zebdeka was in sight. Not only was the port now surrounded, but parts of it were on fire. Deciding to drop down just outside on the backside, Kiso makes an easy drop. They wait momentarily as the Commander for the drop mission arrives in his armored hover-truck. They all remain indoors for the time.

Soon the new crew arrives and awaits outside. Kensuke warns everybody about the dangers of the mob as he drops the gate on the back of the space hauler. The crowds roars outside are clearly audible accompanied by the sounds of torrential violence. The gates opening revealed the hover truck just on the other side, with a small gap on either side to jump through. The WTS crew quickly went to work loading the hover-truck, leaving the locals to Brolfs and Kensuke. After one person tried to drag Kensuke into the crowd and Brolfs blasted the man the rest of the people pushed back a little and left them alone.

Before leaving Klorhn made two of the WTS stay for defense purposes. The hover-truck had enough room for Brolfs, Kiso, Kensuke, the five gangsters that came from Tharsis, and a crew of five more WTS gangsters that worked the tank and the city. The zoomed off and away from the devastated port triangulating around long relays so as to lose any potential tales. Eventually the had circled behind the city and were now approaching from the opposite side. Once the signs of buildings and streets could be seen they turned a quick corner into a seemingly empty underground lot. When the lights flipped on suddenly they were surrounded by New Zebdeka Resistance Forces. It was the rendezvous. The captain of the hover-truck shut it down and slid the hatch to the side open.

Informing the crew of the drop they started to unload the weaponry. After briefly inspecting the area a commanding officer appeared. He warned the group that the mob in the area has been rampant in the past few days and my appear hear at any moment. The commanding officer bid Brolfs, Kiso, the truck captain and Kensuke to the 5th floor where the general officers were waiting with payment. The ascended with no difficulty and the one soldier at the door knew who they were. As they entered the room about a dozen men sat around a table. Some had body guards or assistants and all were obviously armed.

The meeting seemed to be at a crucial point as the discussion was rounding out the portions necessary to arm the full resistance and take back the city, then the planet. When they realized the smugglers had arrived the conversations stopped. The briefing between Kensuke, the captain and the lead general was brief; no names were even given and the level of secrecy was gripping. As soon as the payment transfer was complete the intercom from the ground guards called an alert. The mob was moving in and would be here in a matter of minutes. Taking precautions the leaders drew weapons and began to leave out the door. Some went opposite ways but all went to ground level. Kensuke, the captain, Brolfs, and Kiso left the way they came in.

The stairway they took up was now a death trap as some of the locals opened their doors to fire out into the hallways at “soldier” looking people. They managed to avoid being shot and in turn killed an innocent man who was aiming a shotgun at them. Traveling to ground level they could see outside that all had gone to hell. People were running in the streets and the flocks of them that ware shredding about in the trash and throwing molotovs at cars were multiplying fast. The group was barely out the door to the ground level when gunfire from the parking lot broke out.

The scene played out in a series of run and attack movements. The group was about 1000 feet from the hover-truck at the entrance to the building. The citizens appeared so rapidly the group decided they would take their chances running to the hover-truck. At first the spring was harmless and no attacks befell them, but as soon as the grounds were full of people wanting something they were under attack. The hostile citizens battered them with blunt objects, thrown items, fists of fury, and kicks of rage. Every movement the characters were evading almost 6 attacks of opportunity around them from the mob trying to get at them. Battered and bruised they trudged through the crowd. One man stabbed Kiso, while Brolfs continuously got his face smashed. The guards around them had been taken over, and the crowd was now armed with a few assault rifles.

The first shots rang out at random and hit no one but bystanders. Brolfs was being hit but he kept an eye out for gunmen, as well as Kiso. More than halfway to the vehicle Brolfs and Kiso had fallen behind as Kensuke and the Captain were far ahead. The Captain suddenly took a shot and went down. Kensuke managed to help him up by the time Kiso and Brolfs had caught up with crazed citizens on their heels. Getting in was difficult as one of the WTS on the truck was gunned down from afar. Brolfs stayed on the ground while the other climbed up. He took aim at the gunmen he could and at least scared them away with a few bullet sprays. Once the crowd realized they were using guns they backed off. Brolfs climbed in and the Captain started the truck and hauled ass out. The crowd underground broke into the crates, and thousands were suddenly armed…

The ride back was easy, but pings from snipers through the streets kept the passengers adrenaline pumping after the run through the parking lot. Returning to the Cloudbreaker Kensuke and what remained of his crew boarded to leave. The Captain and his hover-truck crew sped off into New Zebdeka for their next mission. Breaking the clouds again the groups returned to Tharsis. Kiso was now much richer, and paid a large dividend to Brolfs in exchange for the help. They rested again at the hospital and dined the following week at Fat Pacino’s. Now a millionaire Kiso put serious thought into a ship that could break atmo while Brolfs digested happily in the background.




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